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At Dash Studios, we are committed to bringing creative ideas to life through the release of world class games for all platforms, published worldwide.


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We intend to change a narrative, by releasing games not just for the African audience, but globally for all audiences. 

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We create unique innovating products that combines the best tools for maximum player satisfaction.

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We’re constantly working on daring innovative ideas for all platforms.


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NOUNS™ is currently available on Android & iOS. Join our early testers to follow us on our journey. We’d love to have you!

What our testers say about NOUNS™

I love it! The game is cool. Well, anything that makes me think, I'd love anyway. I can't wait to try multiplayer. I think that will make it more fun.

Tamunotonye Setima Benebo Lead PMO, Zenithcrest Technology

It's very interesting. And that timer just raises my blood pressure. Makes it harder to think

Oluchi Ejehu Student

This game is fun to play, especially in between classes or on the train. It made me think more.

Lerato Obadimeji Student

Great game. A little difficult, as it's not a concept I'm used to, but it grew on me

Anonymous Tester

I'm guessing some of the features in the game are temporarily unavailable because it's a tester. I've played it like six times in a row, first time installing it. Clearly I've forgotten my geography and fine arts.😩😩. I hope I get to have dark mode for vampires like me. Generally, I enjoyed the game. Thank you ! 😊😊

Anonymous Engineer

Love the game. You guys are definitely on your way to the top!

Anonymous Student

Amazing concept. Judging by current game and intended trajectory, this will be a top top product!

Mercy Adedokun Writer