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The Revolution of the African Gaming Industry


We are trying to solve a couple societal problems that we have noticed and have faced individually.

Firstly, the gaming industry in Nigeria and Africa is currently at a nascent stage, despite Nigeria and Africa having high young populace and for Nigeria in particular, having  a booming technology sector, the gaming industry isn’t growing, and it is not matching up to global standards. There are hundreds if not thousands of mobile gaming studios/developers in Africa, many of them have developed interesting games, a few unique ones but most are derivative games. Irrespective, only a small number of these companies have been able to grow beyond the Nigerian Market to serve the African market, but none has been able to grow to a strong global reach, despite having the technological and human resources available. We believe that the following problems are affecting developers and the entire gaming industry:

  • Lack of information about the market
  • No stand-out product. As must games from the continent are either running loop games, shooting games, or simple deviated word games.
  • Lack of funding in Africa’s gaming industry.
  • Unattractive UI, which makes it less appealing to the players.
  • No world diversity on product. To make it in the global market, every player around the world needs to feel like the developer was thinking about them while making the game. While pushing the African narrative is a great idea, selling on the world stage involves building for the global audience in mind.
  • Lack of big picture thinking and drive from local developers

Our Approach

Dash Studios intends to release world class games for all platforms, published globally. Our products will compete with our western counterparts, with thousands of active players daily. This can only be achieved by building a reputation for world class products. Dash Studios will also support smaller indie developers on the continent with mentorship, publishing & funding, as they build products that follow this vision.

Africa has the youngest population in the world, with this number projected to be on the rise. The African Story can be world class, and we will tell it!

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