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About Nouns Hunt

NOUNS Hunt is a word game for mobile & PC (Coming soon), with engaging single-player and multiplayer modes. Nouns Hunt innovates on the popular game of ‘Name, Animal, Place & Thing’ or ‘Categories’ to create an exciting, expanisve multiplayer experience. NOUNS: The Hunt and NOUNS Attack are fun derivates of the concept.

Top players this week: (Speed Run)

Word Game for Everyone!

NOUNS Hunt is free to play. NOUNS Hunt gives players a chance to play against the game’s AI in speed run or against friends/family in multiplayer. Beat your high score, climb your local and international leaderboards.

NOUNS: The Hunt (Coming soon) follows the story of all our characters in a captivating series. Each episode has an ‘Easter egg’ in it, containing clues for one of the ‘Nouns of the season’. Input these special nouns to win exclusive prices. 

Who can play Nouns Hunt ?

NOUNS Hunt is rated PEGI 3, and is available for all players on mobile and PC (Coming soon). Play Nouns while sitting at home relaxing, during your commute or when you’re in a competitive mood. You can never go wrong with Nouns Hunt.